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Dr. Clarissa Sawian

Waking up early is already a task for me.

Finding the right outfit to go to work is another added headache

Thanks to @cgurdscrubs,wearing scrubs to work never felt more breathable for every action-packed shift.

The jogger-scrubs are the perfect blend to keep up with the demands of your busy shift

Stretchable ,tailored fit joggers,and anti- bacterial fabric makes you feel and look more confident all-shift long

Dr. Clarissa Sawian

Dr. Chintan N. Patel


C Guard Scrubs are the best scrubs one can ever have with specialized virus protection. Its supercozy and comfortable. I have been using it since 1 month and its an amazing product. Strongly Recommended for C Guard Scrubs are the best scrubs one can ever have with specialized virus protection. Strongly Recommended for all medicos. 👍 all medicos. 👍

Dr. Chintan N. Patel, Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Ahmedabad

Dr. Kshitij Kaizen Guglani

These are amazing scrubs. Not only they are the best in providing all sorts of protection but they are also amazing in their fitting and comfort. I truly enjoyed the navy blue shade and I have plans to purchase more scrubs from C-Guard in the future!

dr. kshitij guglani, MD Sports Medicine, fitness medicine and mental health professional, IG: @thekaizenexperience

Dr. Ajitha Mohan

Thank you CGUARD for the Scrubs.

Fit is 10/10

Comfort 9/10

And utility 20/10

Worth the price. Thank you so much!

dr. ajitha mohan, Bioinformatician at NMHS

Dr. Muskaan

Amazing fit.

Wrinkle-free scrubs, best for doctors. It has alot of pockets which helps during ward work in the hospital. The Dri Fit technology helps remain odour free the whole day while working. Definitely recommend this to everyone. Fitting is perfect

dr. muskaan, intern, ig: @amedicodiary

Dr. Rohan Rajput

Hii iam Dr Rohan Rajput Medical Doctor , Actor ,You Tuber and Influencer

Well Honestly there are many reasons for me to love the New CGuard scrubs

But here I will mention 5 major reasons why iam in madly love ❤️ with cguards

1) they are very very comfortable , daily in the hospital I have to run from OPD to rounds,wards, operation theatre etc and when I started to wear them I find myself really comfortable in running from here and there in hospital because of the lightness their unique clothing offers

2) fashion and style ,

being a bollywood actor ,influencer and youtuber people look upto me a lot when it comes to what iam wearing even when iam working in the hospital my colleagues always look upto my dressup and trust me I have got so many compliments from people saying I look handsome or I look slimmer and dapper whenever iam wearing these scrubs so thats also a major reason for me to love Cguards

3) they have this amazing AMIC technology which protects us from a lot of bacteria and viruses which we doctors /healthcare workers are daily exposed to so when we wear them there is no worry at all as Cgurds is here to Guard us against all infections !!!

4) it’s India’s 1st professional medical appraisal brand so that itself makes it a special must buy a product

5) the variety of colours available under cgurds is amazing I haven’t seen so many options in colours by any brand so far in medical clothing

Do buy them trust me you too will love it ❤️

Dr.Rohan Rajput, Dr./Actor/You Tuber/Influencer @Apka Rohan

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