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7 Home-based weight loss ideas

7 home based weight loss ideas

Who doesn’t want home remedies for weight loss? After a lot of mechanisms to lose weight including pills, treatments, vigorous diet plans, and gym workouts, you figure out that all you need are a few steps of home based weight loss.

After analyzing trends and tracking home based weight loss data, we could find a set of satisfying steps that can help you lose your weight in home.

1. Choose a good diet

home based weight loss ideas diet

Everybody has different situations and bodily functions. You have to figure out the best kind of diet that suits you. You also need to think about your conditions such as certain surgeries, time around pregnancy, and so on.

Accordingly, talk with a physician or dietitian to get a prescribed diet for you that aims weight loss.

2. Reduce calorie intake, don’t avoid all types of fat

home based weight loss ideas fats

Calorie intake shall be reduced. But do not avoid just about anything that has fats. In fact, good fats help you get slimmer! We don’t need to go into the details, but fat from avocados, almonds, walnuts, and olive oil etc. are really beneficial for your health and weight control as long as you take them in moderate quantities.

Avoid taking in calories when you don’t need them. Suppose you haven’t done any physical or laborious work lately, there’s no need for foods with high calorie content then. Just go with plain food, to simply “end your hunger”. Keep that in mind. If you don’t need calories – just aim to end your hunger.

3. Prioritize water and fruits

home based weight loss ideas fruits

Fruits are a great way to reduce your calorie intake while making up for all the essential nutrients and energy. Also drink plenty of water. Not only fruits and water save you from dehydration, but they also make you feel less hungry.

Popping in one apple might mean the end of your starving. But we ignore such measures. What do we do? We go over to our favorite fast food outlet and eat something thinking it’ll fill us up. That’s very dangerous for weight control.

Also read up onfruit diet based weight loss.

4. Don’t do heavy workouts and pointless diets, satisfying your cravings can be okay at times

home based weight loss ideas workout
Working out.

Heavy gym workout is for bodybuilding, and the results are pathetically slow. There are also some diets that have no head or tail. Starving yourself is not the answer to weight loss.

Also, feel free to satisfy your cravings for your favorite foods every once a while. This boosts your morale. But if you avoid all the street food that you loved to eat, it might actually worsen the problem. So, have limits but don’t put a complete blockade on tasty food.

5. Home based exercises

home based weight loss ideas cycling

Exercises are the best compliments to home based weight loss. Here are some quick ideas that can help you lose weight if you give them enough dedication and time:

  • Multiple brisk walking sessions in a day, even for ten minutes each.
  • Taking stairs instead of lifts, walking or cycling short distances instead of driving.
  • Cycling, running, and sports like mountain climbing and tennis are great ways to lose weight.
  • Swimming is an excellent way to lose weight, but asks for more dedication and time.
  • Rope jumping is good for faster results.

6. Add color to your diet

home based weight loss ideas colorful vegetables
Colorful vegetables.

Colorful vegetables, fruits, and soups should be an integral part of your daily food intake. They make you feel satiated for less. Therefore, you feel full eating lesser – that directly translates to weight loss.

They also provide your body with the needed nutrients in large quantities.

7. Whole grains are brilliant weight destroyers

home based weight loss ideas oatmeal

Whole grains like wheat, oatmeal, popcorn, etc. are really, really good for anyone aiming for weight loss. They have a lot of fiber content that keeps your digestive system working efficiently.

Whole grains help you stay full. If you can switch over to an oatmeal breakfast all weekdays and make fruits and soups a bigger portion of your daily consumption – you’ll begin to see results within a couple of weeks.

And that’s it

Combine these ideas and make a personalized strategy that works for you. All these ways are 100% natural, home-based, and painless. With a little of dedication, you can pull off magic.

Follow these steps daily to see amazing results.

As you go through these methods combined, you’ll fine-tune these methods and reach your individual system of home-based weight loss that suits you. And with the help of this unique home based weight loss system, you’ll begin to see great results in no time.

Just give it time as your personalized plan is being fine-tuned over time. Once you think it’s ready and you’re starting to feel lighter on your toes, it’s time to document this system and follow it passionately.

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How to Choose the Right Scrub Suit?

how to choose the right Nursing scrub

Scrub suits for health professionals have come into vogue now. It is good to see that doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are counting on buying scrubs.

First thing first! There are several benefits of wearing scrubs, and one of them is that it protects healthcare people from germs, pathogens, and bacteria. That being said, it is indispensable that you, as a medical professional, wear a scrub suit.

Well, if you are thinking about how to choose the right scrub suit for yourself, then this post is for you. Here we have jotted down all the things you need to look for when buying a scrub.

Expensive vs. cheap

You must buy a scrub suit of good quality because cheap quality scrubs will not last for long. As you have to reach the hospital on time, so you can’t afford to bother about issues with the scrubs. Linty scrubs or scrubs with color washed out do not look good and can affect your personality. So, always focus on buying high-quality scrubs from a reliable brand.

scrub suit for health professionals

Colour options

Scrub suits are available in numerous colours such as sky blue, green, navy, burgundy, black, etc. You may be thinking, ‘what color scrubs should I wear?’ Isn’t it? You have to check with your clinic, hospital, or healthcare centre and see if they have set any colour code. As there are different scrub color means, so, you have to choose the colour accordingly. If your hospital does not mandate any dress code, then feel free to buy the scrub of your choice.


Your scrub should neither be too tight nor baggy. It should fit right, and you should feel comfortable in it. There would be a lot of moving and bending during the work, so tight pants would hinder your movements. Also, whether you have a broad shoulder or you are tall and have an hourglass figure, make sure you choose the right scrub size according to your body type. Well, you can count on dark coloured scrubs if you have a bigger belly or a large bust.

Scrub type

You will find different types of scrubs online, such as basic scrubs, dri-fit scrubs, and jogger scrubs. It is up to you whether you want to go for basic or wish to be in trend. Both of these scrub types are comfortable and reusable. Generally, young medical students, nurses, and doctors prefer trendy scrubs over basic ones.

Other things to note

  • Pick a scrub suit that has lots of pockets so that you can easily carry essential stuff such as gloves, pen, thermometer, etc., with yourself.
  • Look for the scrub top that has side slits, as it will maximize your movements. Also, if you are a woman, then you must buy long tops with side slits as such tops will make you feel comfortable.
  • Choose scrubs that are made of polyester and cotton mix as these kinds of scrubs are best to wear.

Final words

These were some of the crucial things you need to see when you go to buy the scrub. If you are thinking about where to buy a scrub uniform, then you can count on us. At C-GUARD, we have a wide variety of medical scrub suits for doctors, nurses, and other medical workers. Feel free to browse our collection.

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How Do Scrubs Protect You?

benefits of wearing medical scrubs

Are you a doctor, physician, surgeon, nurse, or any other medical professional? Have you ever wondered how scrubs protect you? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here we have explained everything about scrub suits that you must know. Let’s start with the basics first.

What are scrubs made of?

When it comes to the material used for making the scrubs suit, you will see scrubs of different fabrics. Scrubs are available in pure cotton, rayon, and polyester. In fact, some scrubs are made of 52% of cotton and 48% of polyester, which makes them stretchable, just like our dri-fit scrub suit.

Why are scrubs used in hospitals?

Medical personnel wear scrubs in hospitals and clinics due to several reasons. Scrubs offer comfort and increase the range of movement of doctors and nurses. They are highly functional as they have large pockets in which health personnel keep gloves, pulse oximeter, a pen, sanitizer, etc. Scrubs also provide easy identification, and people or patients are able to recognize who the doctor and nurse are. These were some of the benefits of wearing scrubs in a healthcare setup.

how do scrubs protect you

How do scrubs protect you?

Well, the main purpose of wearing scrubs is that they protect you against cross-contamination. As a doctor, physician, and nurse, you come in contact with multiple patients who are ill and have some kind of infection or disease. You never know what bacteria or pathogens you can attract while treating the patients. Here comes the role of scrub suits. They are made of quality material, and most of the scrubs are antibacterial and antimicrobial. So, these types of medical scrubs protect you.

Also, scrubs are more sanitary. They are thick and prevent patients’ bodily fluids from getting in contact with your skin. This is the reason you should always count on buying high-quality scrubs, as premium fabrics make scrubs sanitary.

Do you wear clothes under scrubs?

This is something which depends on you. Some medical personnel wear a scrub undershirt underneath their scrubs. The undershirt can be either long-sleeved or half-sleeved. If you plan to wear an undershirt, make sure you get a snug-fitting t-shirt made from breathable fabric. Such a t-shirt will provide you flexibility and won’t make you hot and sweaty. Not to mention, do wear undergarments.

scrub suit for doctors online

Final words

Now you know why you should wear scrub suits. So are you ready to buy a scrub for yourself? Well, you may wonder which color to buy or why doctors wear different color scrubs. Actually, some hospitals mandate a dress code for their staff. So, you may notice doctors in sky blue scrub and nurses in lavender or burgundy scrub. It totally depends on the hospital what color they have set for the doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical staff. It is better to check with them before buying a scrub. If your hospital doesn’t have any specific dress code, then feel free to pick the scrub of your choice.

We at C-GUARD have a variety of scrubs in a range of colors. From basic scrubs to dri-fit to jogger scrubs, you can get any to match your style and personality.

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Coronavirus testing in India: The full picture

Covid testing

COVID-19 testing in India recently crossed the 50-crores mark. This was done in just 55 days. This is as per data by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This is a remarkable figure. When the country is still struggling with a high number of cases, this news comes as a relief.

covid-19 testing in india crossed 50 crore mark
We’ve crossed the 50-crore mark.

33% of the Indian population is vaccinated with at least one dose (9.5% being fully vaccinated with two).

Optimizing the testing of COVID-19 in India: Improving the accuracy of RATs

Testing is relatively slow in India, no matter how you look at it. The slowness is partly due to the fact that states with larger populations aren’t spending on RT-PCR tests and are instead relying heavily on RAT tests – which are less sensitive.

Let’s get to the bottom of this because unless we can optimize our testing (and take action for those testing positive), India will not be able to come out of the pandemic’s negative repercussions within the year, experts claim.

Key facts:

  • There are two types of tests: RATs (rapid antigen tests) and RT-PCR (reverse-transcriptase polymerase-chain-reaction) tests. RATs have lower sensitivity. Sensitivity in testing essentially boils down to the measurement of effectiveness. In other words, a less sensitive test is less accurate in general under normal circumstances with no special parameters to mitigate the lack of said accuracy.
  • RATs are cheaper to conduct and faster in providing results – which have a higher chance of being inaccurate. Bigger states such as UP and Bihar conduct mostly RATs.
  • All over India, RATs are 2% less common than RT-PCR tests (49% vs. 51%, respectively). But bigger states heavily relying on RATs is a problem because the chance of infection from inaccurate results is higher due to the higher population density of these states.

The RT-PCR tests are more accurate but also more expensive and slower. That’s the reason why many states are relying on RATs. However, relying on RAT’s isn’t the problem. Under specific conditions, RATs can be as accurate as RT-PCR tests while having lower costs – which is the ideal middle ground in a country like ours.

That’s why research is being done on this front to leverage more accurate RATs.

Recently, the computational biology journal in the Public Library of Science (PLOS), San Francisco, California, US published a paper by Philip Cherian, Sandeep Krishna, and Gautam Menon that tries to solve this exact problem.

As per the paper, RATs can be made comparable to RT-PCR tests in terms of accuracy if four conditions are met. The peer-reviewed research paper can be found here.

These are the four conditions:

  1. The RATs used shouldn’t have a very low sensitivity, which is the case in many parts of India.
  2. At least 0.5% of the population should be tested every day.
  3. All the people testing positive are strictly isolated or quarantined for a sufficient duration.
  4. Testing is supplemented by other non-pharmaceutical interventions to improve the effectiveness of the tests.

If these four conditions are met, the authors argue, RATs can be comparable to RT-PCR tests as far as testing accuracy is concerned – which is great news as it cuts down on costs considerably and provides much quicker results.

Current testing statistics are inspiring, but don’t be fooled

The cumulative COVID-19 tests in India spiked starting June last year.

After the collapse of the healthcare system when the second wave hit India back in March 2021, we have truly amped up the game and are now testing at a breakneck speed.

See this graph on Statista for reference.

increased rate of covid testing in india
Increased rate of COVID-19 testing in India.

However, out of the 741 total districts in India, 382 continue to have a 10%+ positivity rate – which is a clear reminder that we’re not testing nearly fast enough.

When half of the Indian populace is still not testing properly or at all, it’s hard to see ourselves coming out of the pandemic anytime soon.

The virus spreads by forming a chain in communities. If the positivity rate is more than 10% in a locality, then this means that an opportunity to identify and isolate a leading case was missed.

There are even nine states where all districts have a high positivity rate: Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Lakshadweep, Kerala, Puducherry, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

The downward trend of the positivity rate is, however, a much-needed relief.

Paving the way for smarter testing

Testing cannot continue at this pace. Even if you adjust for the increase of rate, it’s still not enough or ideal from any perspective. The COVID-19 testing scenario in India has to grow.

The road ahead is difficult but we’re making good progress in better, faster, and more efficient coronavirus positivity testing.

The Rockefeller Foundation published a report in May 2021 titled “The Road Ahead for Smart COVID-19 testing and Tracing in India”. The 74-page report outlines multiple ways in which we can improve testing.

Here’s a screenshot of the table of contents that highlights the ways:

Rockefeller Foundation's paper to improve testing practices
Rockefeller Foundation’s paper to improve testing practices.

It’s not easy to implement many of these, especially in very dense areas in high-population states.

Still, C-Guard truly believes that such reports should get more importance and a committee should be set up purely for innovating smarter ways of accurate testing.

Online services doing their part

Online services have been improving over time in reporting and supplying critical information.

  • A simple Google search regarding COVID-19 takes you to the “COVID-19 dashboard” of Google where you can view the latest data.
  • Searching for COVID testing on Google Maps shows you the nearby testing centers – same for vaccination.
  • The platform has also grown. The vaccination progress bar is a neat feature that gives us a lot of hope.
  • MoHFW updates and news are also very helpful in finding out the latest and getting a recent scoop.

This information is important for raising awareness. Quite like how a small but serious issue gains momentum thanks to social media, such sources of information related to testing improve the general population’s understanding of where we’re lacking.

In conclusion

We’ve indeed grown by leaps and bounds, but still have a lot of ground to cover. For example, last year in June, the Center for Global Development noted that India’s COVID-19 testing had to grow 10 times. Fast forward to August 2021 and we’re ranking much higher in the world for tests-per-million – notably above South Korea, Japan, and China. However, our testing stats are still much lower than the global average.

This will simply not do.

The testing systems need to be bolstered not just with equipment and technology but with morale as well. Everyone has to come together – and only then is it possible to take down the pandemic once and for all.

C-Guard salutes the frontline healthcare workers who are giving their all in this fight against the pandemic. Let’s help them by spreading awareness. You can share this article with your friends to raise awareness for the full picture of the testing scenario in India.

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Where to Buy a Scrub Suit in India?

scrub for doctors online India

If you are wondering where to buy a scrub suit for yourself, then you have landed on the right page. Well, when you search for where to buy hospital scrubs online in India, you will get an array of stores, pharmacies, and brand that sells cheap scrub suit, which quickly falls off after a few washes. Some may offer quality scrubs. The key thing is that you must consider a credible brand like us, C-GUARD, that sells high-quality, durable, and anti-bacterial scrubs for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel.

Following are the things that set us apart in the crowd:

Reliable brand

C-GUARD is the first-ever medical apparel brand in India for doctors and medical workers. So, you can be confident of the quality of the fabric used in making premium scrubs.

Multiple colors

We have scrubs in different colors like sky blue, navy, hunter green, and black. We do have other colors that you will find only on our site. Colors like burgundy, graphite, and lavender are unique, and we have plenty of collections of these scrub colors.

lady doctor in scrub

Customized scrub suits

You get personalized scrubs for doctors in India as we get the uniforms customized with their names. After all, who does not want to flaunt a custom medical dress?

Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial scrubs

Our reusable scrubs may protect against bodily fluids, cross-contamination and may prevent the spreading of bacteria.

Stylish scrubs for doctors

You can choose basic scrubs, dri-fit scrubs, and jogger scrub suits. We have created the latest and fashionable scrubs for medical professionals who prefer the style.

lady doctor in scrub

Functional medical dress

As you are working in a public healthcare center, hospital or clinic, you will surely agree that you need to move to and fro, and your hands usually stay busy with pen, paper, pulse oximeter, etc. That said, you need a comfortable and functional scrub suit.

We have brought it for! Our scrubs have large pockets on the top and pants. Also, the top has side slits that make your sitting and moving job easy. In short, it optimizes your movements.

A word from C-GUARD

Scrubs suits are available in a mélange of colors to match the color code set by your hospital. It is vital to note that scrub colors meaning are different. Doctors usually count on sky blue scrubs, surgeons look for green, and pediatricians consider pink or purple scrubs. Though you can buy scrubs of any color you like, it is indispensable to check with your health care center or hospital to see if they have set any dress or color code.

Still wondering where to buy a scrub suit? Head over to our stunning collection and pick the one that matches your department. From doctors, nurses to hospital staff, we have scrubs for men and women at affordable prices!   

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Medical Scrubs?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Medical Scrubs suit

Scrubs in the healthcare industry are of utmost importance. From offering a professional look to protection, medical scrubs are here to stay due to several reasons. So, whether you like them or hate them, you must consider wearing scrubs in your healthcare profession. 

We have compiled this list of the benefits of wearing medical scrubs. Read on to know why you should wear them.


Doctors and nurses check with several patients in a day, which exposes them to germs and pathogens. So wearing medical scrubs will help prevent the spread of contagious viruses and infections. 

Most scrubs are antimicrobial and have the ability to offer a germ-proof shield of protection. Medical professionals have to wear scrubs every day in hospitals. This will be beneficial not only for healthcare staff but patients as well.


Medical professionals have to move around a lot and work through long hours. They need a uniform that can offer them maximum comfort and let them work efficiently. 

Scrub suits for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are the perfect dress on which they should count. The bonus is that scrubs pants are like regular pants and who would not like to wear ‘not too tight’ pants while working!

surgical scrubs vs scrubs


Scrubs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are well-designed to make the job of health workers easier. Large pockets on the scrub tops enhance its functionality as one can use them to keep a pen, pressure meters, gloves, etc. Further, pockets in scrub pants provide more storage space. Apart from this, scrubs have side slits on the top’s bottom that optimize the movement. All these things make scrubs highly functional.


Patients want to get treated by an experienced doctor. Young doctors can’t get a mature look, but they can showcase themselves as experts by wearing scrubs. 

Scrubs make healthcare workers appear more professional and fresh. And when medical personnel wears scrubs, they are able to gain the confidence of patients. People actually listen to the doctors and nurses who appear professional and experienced.

Also, there are different scrub colors, so medical staff and patients are able to identify and differentiate doctors from nurses. Some hospitals mandate color codes and medical professionals need to wear the colored scrubs accordingly.

advantages of wearing scrubs


Scrubs are made from premium fabrics that don’t attract dirt, dust, and grime. But as the surgeons have to perform operations and droplets of blood can land on the scrubs so they can be laundered to sterilize. Grime and bloodstains on the scrubs are also removed in the thorough cleaning process. And as the scrubs are made from optimum quality material, they can withstand harsh detergents and can last long.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the advantages of wearing scrubs. Now that you know why scrubs are important for healthcare personnel, you must count on scrubs that are of top quality and affordable as well.

At C-GUARD, we offer a range of scrubs such as basic scrubs, dri-fit scrubs, and jogger scrubs in different colors. Explore our collection to pick the right one for yourself.