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Revolution in Medical Scrub Suits

High-waisted pants. Special male fit. Smart fit, modern V neck, straight leg pant. 3 pocket top & classic 5 pocket pant Elastic belt with drawstring Engineered with technical comfort.

Medical professionals started wearing scrubs in the twentieth century when they realized how clean the environment should be for surgery as well as medical care. Well, there is no doubt that scrubs have been playing a major role in the health domain.

Doctors, nurses, other medical staff and medical interns have worn scrubs of similar colour for decades. But with the revolution in medical scrubs suits, the health industry is bringing change in the attire. So, C-GUARD has also stepped in to keep Indian doctors stay up to date. That being said, we offer an incredible collection of scrubs in classic colours.

A Myriad Of Scrub Suits

Following are the range of scrub uniforms we offer to healthcare professionals:

Basic scrubs – For a sincere professional look

French jogger scrubs – For new age medical personnel

Drifit scrubs – For a chic appeal

Range of Colours Available

  • Lavender
  • Graphite
  • Ceil
  • Jade
  • Stone
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Hydrogreen
  • Navy
  • Shocking pink
  • Olive green
  • Muave
  • Coral
  • Slate
  • Galaxy blue

You can find these stellar colours of scrub suits only at our site as we understand that wearing similar colour scrubs may get monotonous. So we have launched an array of classy hues. These colours are chic as well as professional and are sure to make our modern frontline workers appear trendier.

Premium Fabrics Used

Being one of the leading medical wear brands, we made sure to offer best-in-class apparel to the dedicated healthcare professionals of our country. Each of our scrub uniforms is made from the finest quality fabric, which are-

  • Polyester
  • Cotton

Moreover, our scrubs, for example, jogger ones, are anti-microbial, stretchable, durable, odourless, wrinkle-free and moisture wicking. There are several benefits of wearing scrubs, such as, they provide protection against germs, they withstand the hard washing process, they offer comfort to the wearer, to name a few. So, it becomes vital to select scrubs from a reliable brand.

Medical Scrubs For Health Personnel

Our scrubs are for everyone in the medical field. Even medical interns and students can count on our classic scrubs. From nurses, pediatricians, radiologists, physicians, surgeons, and medical students, anyone can pick any scrub type and colour they like. Some hospitals have colour codes for nurses, doctors, and surgeons. So, you can check with the management to know if they have mandated any colour code which you have to follow.

Scrubs For Females And Males

As times are changing, new age doctors of India demand new products. We understand the need of today’s young and modern doctors. Therefore, our series of scrubs and colours are sure to offer them what they want. Our scrubs are for both, males and females.

If you are also looking for the finest quality scrub suits that are not only professional but also modern, feel free to feast your eyes on our medical scrubs collection.

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Are there Different Types of Medical Scrubs?

Trendy looking Drifit Jogger Scrub for men in hunter green color with pockets and modern design

As the healthcare industry is evolving, medical uniforms are also getting revamped. Now health frontline workers have a myriad of options to count on. Apart from lab coats, scrub suits have become a go-to option for doctors, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel. At C-GUARD, we have an array of different types of medical scrubs. Let’s talk about them.

Basic Scrub Suit

These types of nurse uniforms are for those who prefer to wear a medical outfit that is not too tight. Usually, nurses and other medical staff wear basic scrubs as they have to do a lot of moving and bending in their shifts. These scrubs are highly functional and comfortable.

French Jogger Scrub Suit

These are modern medical scrubs for doctors who wish to appear trendy but professional at the same time. This type of scrub suit is made from the finest quality breathable material. Highly flexible and chic, these scrubs are skin tight and are great for healthcare professionals.

Drifit Jogger Scrub Suit

This type of scrub may appear pretty similar to the previous scrub suit, but they are more functional and modern. Made from the advanced moisture-wicking material, these scrubs absorb more moisture. That being said, drifit jogger scrubs are high-performance and offer maximum comfort to the wearer.

Why are C-GUARD scrubs the best?

Our scrubs have a broad range of features that set us apart from the crowd, which are:

  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial scrubs
  • Highly comfortable
  • Have ample pockets
  • V-shape features trendier cut
  • Maximize the performance
  • Scrubs for male and female

Apart from these, we offer scrub suits in a plethora of colours, such as navy, coral, slate, galaxy blue, mauve pink, stone, etc.

Colour codes in hospitals?

There are different medical scrubs meaning when it comes to colours. So, if a hospital mandates any colour code, then the staff has to comply with it. Some clinics and public health centers do not have any particular colour set for doctors and nurses. So, they can choose whatever colour scrub they like.

Why you should wear medical scrubs during your shift?

The main purpose of scrubs is to offer protection against harmful bacteria and germs. Not only this, scrub uniforms must also provide comfort to the healthcare professionals so that they can focus on their work and move around easily. Keeping all these in mind, we made our scrub suits that fit perfectly in the ultimate category of medical apparel. Our scrubs offer not only provide comfort and protection but they are also chic yet professional.

Final words

Now you know that there are many types of medical scrubs you can count on. So what are you waiting for? Check out our collection and pick your favourite type and color of the scrub suit.

Stay professional, stay modern, stay safe.

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Embarkment of Fashion in Medical Scrubs

Smart Drifit Jogger Scrub for women

Scrubs used to be the monotonous uniform for medical professionals. But not anymore, as C-GUARD has brought an exotic series of scrubs. The best part is now frontline healthcare personnel can choose their fashion scrubs from a plethora of colours. With the classic designer scrubs, Indian doctors can look fashionable yet professional.

Get durable scrubs

We understand that the role of scrub uniforms is to provide comfort. Keeping this in mind, our designers made sure to pick the best fabric. Our scrubs are made from optimum quality polyester and cotton. The fabrics used are durable and offer a comfy feel to the wearer.

Anti-bacterial scrub suits in India

Our scrubs can protect against bacteria as well as germs. Boasting this with the lab reports, we are one of the top brands in India that offer anti-bacterial medical uniforms. We are a certified brand that has a name for providing high-quality medical scrubs for doctors and other medical staff.

How do I look fashionable in scrubs?

This was one of the major concerns of health professionals! So, we had set our goal to make new-age doctors and health workers appear trendier. To accomplish this mission, we strive to pick the best style and colours. That being said, we launched different scrub suits with an array of stunning colours.

Different types of scrub suits available at C-GUARD

  • Basic scrub suits
  • French Jogger scrubs
  • Drifit Jogger scrubs

Stellar colours from the top medical brand

Jade, hydro green, mauve pink, coral, galaxy blue, stone, and many more! Feel free to feast your eyes on our top-notch collection of scrubs

Medical student uniform in India

If we talk about what medical students in India wear, then it is either scrubs or lab coats. We offer both– white lab coats and scrub suits for men and women. MBBS and BDS students can count on our premium quality medical uniform without any hesitation. From doctors, healthcare staff, to medical students, anyone can consider buying our quality scrubs.

Can doctors wear whatever color scrubs they want?

This question might come to the mind of doctors. Well, the fact is some hospitals mandate dress and colour codes for their medical staff. That means whether one is a doctor, nurse, surgeon, other healthcare professionals, everyone has to check with their hospital management. If there are no such strict rules, then professionals can pick any hue they like from our striking range of colours.

Those doctors who have their own clinics may not have to follow any colour code. That being said, they can choose their favourite scrub colour, be it coral, burgundy, or hot pink.

Wrapping up

C-GUARD is the one-stop solution for all medical professionals as we have a modern collection for new-age doctors and medical staff. Our products offer a comfy feel, protect from bacteria and give a chic look to the healthcare personnel.

Want to step up your look instantly? Pick a fashionable scrub uniform here.

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Style and Comfort: The Revolution of Scrubs

burgundy color DRIFIT Jogger Scrub for Men

Medical uniform options for healthcare personnel have been limited for decades. Doctors and nurses were only seen in blue, white, and green scrub suits. But now, medical staff can choose from a myriad of colours and step in style. At C-GUARD, we have launched a series of colours of designer scrubs that are incredible, fashionable, and comfortable.  

Iconic Scrub Colours Available Now 

We are the only brand in India that offers medical scrubs in several stellar colours. Not to mention, we picked colours by doing much brainstorming. That being said, each hue we chose has a unique meaning attached to it, which are as follows:

  1. Hydro green – Staying strong
  2. Jade – Fresh and restorative
  3. Coral – Warmth and acceptance
  4. Slate – Neutrality and reliability
  5. Mauve pink – Inspiration and modest
  6. Hot pink – Motivate action
  7. Olive green – Relax and balance
  8. Burgundy – Ready to rock
  9. Galaxy blue – Peace and relaxation
  10. Stone – Purity and simplicity 

Different Scrub Types

We understand the need of our heroic frontline workers. So, we made sure that they get what they want. Our classic range of scrub suits are:

  • Basic Scrubs
  • Dri-fit Jogger Scrubs
  • French Jogger Scrubs

Scrubs for Men and Women

C-GUARD kept both genders in mind while creating high-performance scrub suits. Creating a modern scrub suit design for female and male medical workers was our goal, which we have accomplished. Now, health professionals can count on the colour that they like the most. 

Premium Fabric for Superior Comfort 

From basic to dri-fit jogger to French jogger, these scrub types are made using rich quality soft fabric like polyester and cotton in different percentages. Boasting stretchable, odourless, and wrinkle-free properties, these scrub suits are sure to offer enhanced comfort to healthcare personnel.

Features of C-Guard’s Medical Scrub Suits 

Our scrubs are modern and offer maximum functionality as well as convenience. They are:

  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Have moisture-wicking and self-cooling capabilities
  • Have multiple pockets
  • Offer comfort and protection
  • Provide a stylish yet professional look to the wearer
  • Made from high-quality fabric

They are designed in the way medical professionals want, i.e., soft, comfortable, and trendier.

Final Words

C-GUARD has brought the real revolution in medical scrubs. A plethora of colours and designs are especially launched to make Indian medical professionals stylish without compromising on comfort and protection. 

Our luxury medical scrubs for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff are safe and versatile. Explore our unique collection to buy the best in class scrub uniform at an affordable rate.