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Why Should Hospitals Provide Medical Uniforms To Their Staff?

Why are healthcare uniforms important for hospital staff

Now medical uniforms have become an essential part of the healthcare industry. From nurses, doctors to other medical personnel, many tend to wear scrubs or lab coats in hospitals, healthcare clinics and public health centers. But not all hospitals offer medical dress to their staff and if your hospital is one of them, then make sure to read this post till the end.

Scrub suits, lab coats, and medical gowns are the major uniforms used in the healthcare setting. Hospitals must consider providing these uniforms to the staff because of the following reasons-


Medical scrub suits for doctors and nurses can help them appear professional. Professionalism is what matters in today’s time. Professional attire enhances the standard of a hospital and can instantly accentuate the look and confidence of the wearer.

Benefits of Wearing Medical Uniforms

More credibility 

Medical uniforms can help improve the credibility of staff. Patients tend to listen to the doctors seriously if they are in their professional dress. Not only this, such uniforms can enhance the brand of the hospital. Clearly, this would be one of the best advertising tactics hospitals can consider.

Quick identification

As mentioned above, the medical dress can build trust and credibility; it can also help in the quick identification of the staff. Many people move in and out of hospitals, and sometimes patients are not able to identify who the doctor or nurse is. Also, they may not distinguish hospital staff if they visit a particular hospital first time. If healthcare personnel wear medical uniforms in the hospital, patients can identify them as the staff, and they can quickly reach out to them for help.

Enhances comfort

One of the advantages of wearing a medical uniform is that it offers comfort to the wearer. Also, it provides mobility as the job requires a lot of movement and walking. In fact, scrubs for nurses are extremely important as they are on their shift and have to run from room to room and take care of the patients. So, wearing a medical dress can help them concentrate on their tasks well.

Medical Scrub Uniforms

Safeguarding against contamination

Protection matters, not only of the hospital staff but of patients as well. High-quality medical scrub suits prevent staff and patients from getting contaminated with bacteria. This further helps prevent the spreading of germs in the hospital premises. Medical and surgical scrubs are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. One can at least expect some protection from medical uniforms.

Wrapping up

It would be a good approach if hospitals could offer scrubs and nursing uniforms to their staff. Above mentioned points state all the reasons why a hospital should provide their employees with scrubs and lab coats. Also, hospitals should mandate color codes for different departments as there are different meanings of colors. This will help hospital administration segregate the staff, and people will be able to distinguish doctors from nurses and other hospital personnel.

If you have a hospital and you plan to provide medical scrubs to your staff, make sure to browse our collection. At C-GUARD, you will get premium quality medical scrub suits and lab coats for doctors and nurses at the best rates.

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Why Healthcare Professionals Wear Hospital Scrubs?

why medical professionals wear medical scrubs

You might have seen healthcare professionals in scrubs when they are on their duty. Has this ever crossed your mind that why medical professionals wear scrubs? Well, doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical personnel wear the uniforms in the hospital. There are many reasons behind wearing surgical scrubs, which we have discussed in this post.

Scrubs for doctors

Doctors have to check multiple patients in a day, and wearing their causal cloth can get infected, which they may carry to their homes. Wearing scrubs help prevent infections as surgical scrubs are made from antimicrobial material.

Scrubs for nurses

Nurses take care of patients, and their dress can easily get contaminated by blood, vomit, stools, etc. So nurses wear scrubs to protect their skin from getting exposed to bacteria.

benefits of wearing scrubs

Why are scrubs used in hospitals?

Scrubs are the medical dresses that healthcare professional wears because of following reasons.

  • One of the major reasons health personnel count on scrubs is that they are very comfortable compared to regular attire.
  • Doctors and nurses are easily identified by people and patients when they are in scrub suits.
  • Scrubs are sanitary and easy to clean.
  • They are made from high-quality fabric and do not tear off easily. However, cheap scrubs can fall off after a few washes, scrubs from brands such as C-GUARD last long.
  • By wearing scrubs, doctors and nurses do not have to worry about stains as scrubs are washed easily and can withstand harsh chemical washing.
  • Scrubs are lightweight and breathable. Also, they are moisture-wicking.

According to research, it was noted that patients also prefer healthcare staff in business attire, be it a scrub suit or a white coat. So, it becomes essential for physicians to wear medical dresses whenever they are on shifts.

Do nurses and doctors buy their own scrubs?

This is another question that might have come to your mind. Well, it depends on the hospitals, public health centers, and healthcare clinics. Some provide scrubs to their staff, whereas some do not. In fact, some hospitals may provide scrubs for free for doctors only. It totally depends on the management of the health centers. So, healthcare professionals can buy their own scrubs if they like.

scrubs for healthcare professionals

Why are there different scrub colors?

Some hospitals have color codes where doctors wear green scrubs, nurses wear blue, and pediatricians wear pink or lavender scrubs. So, before nurses or physicians buy their own scrubs, they need to consult their hospital or clinics to see if they mandate any dress code or color code. Each scrub color has its own meaning, and you can know the meaning of different scrub colors here.

Final words

By now, you know that why healthcare professionals wear hospital scrubs. Well, if you are a medical student, nurse, doctor, or work in a hospital and you need quality scrubs for yourself, feel free to browse our collection. From basic scrubs to dri-fit scrubs, we have premium quality scrub suits for healthcare personnel in a mélange of colors. Check out our scrubs here.

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Why Do Doctors Wear White Lab Coats?

lab coat for doctors

White color depicts cleanliness, seriousness, and goodness. It shines bright when compared with other colors. Well, an article on NCBI states that 72% of doctors and medical students wear white lab coats, and many of them wear lab coats more than 75% of the time. As white offers a sterile and fresh look, so hospitals opted for this color. Also, the white color appears pure and positive. Therefore, doctors always wear it, and that is why lab coats are white.

There are many reasons why doctors wear white lab coats, which are discussed below:

Importance of white coat for doctors 

It is pretty apparent that when you see someone in a white lab coat in a hospital, you instantly consider that person as a doctor. That being said, white lab coats showcase the status of the person, and that is why physicians wear lab coats.

As a storage

Doctors have to move around to treat different patients. So they have to carry items such as gloves, pen, thermometer, notepad, etc. Large pockets in the lab coats allow them to carry all these essentials with ease.

why do doctor wears lab coat

Protect doctors from germs

They have to treat multiple patients, and coming in contact with various patients means attracting more germs. So, antimicrobial lab coats provide high-quality protection and also helps repel odors and unwanted bacteria.

No more stains on personal cloths

Doctors have to go to and fro, and there are chances their outfits may get dirty. They cannot change their dress every time it gets some dust. That is why they wear lab coats over their outfit, and this ensures their personal clothing does not get dirty.  

white lab coat for doctors


It is vital to note that doctors not only wear lab coats, but they wear scrubs as well, especially when they perform surgery in the operation theater. Moreover, there are different color scrubs, and each has its own meaning. Many hospitals mandate color codes for their medical staff, and usually, doctors are assigned blue or green scrubs.

Final words

Now that you know there are some benefits of wearing lab coats for doctors, it is also crucial to understand that they get their lab coats washed at intervals. This will ensure doctors’ and patients’ safety because germs won’t get a chance to multiple themselves.

White lab coats for doctors are available in full sleeves and half sleeves and in different sizes at C-GUARD. You can depend on us as our lab coats are high-quality, comfortable, and breathable. They are very functional as they come with multiple pockets. Shop today!

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Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

why do nurses wear medical scrubs

Scrubs are one of the main medical dresses that nurses and other healthcare staff wear. Well, whether you are a nurse who wishes to know the reasons behind wearing a scrub or you are someone who wants to know why nurses wear scrubs, then this post is for you!


Scrubs help patients and other medical staff easily identify nurses working in hospitals, healthcare centers, or clinics. When nurses walk around, family members of patients ask their queries from the nurses because people can identify and trust them. As there are different color scrubs, it depends on the dress code policies of the hospitals which color they assign to the nurses. 

Comfortable and fashionable

Nurses have to move around a lot during their shifts. So, they have to wear something in which they are comfortable. Scrubs bring them comfort as they are lightweight and made from high-quality fabric. They are moisture-wicking and keep the wearer cool and dry. 

Apart from providing a comfy feel, scrubs also offer a professional look. Now, scrubs are pretty trendy because the wearers can get a modern look by wearing scrubs like dri-fit and joggers

reasons of wearing scrub suit


As the scrub suits are strong and durable, they provide personal safety to the nurses. They are clean, sanitary, and guard the skin of the nurses from harmful substances. It is vital to note that anti-bacterial and anti-viral scrubs can protect against germs and bacteria. So, nurses and other health professionals must count on buying quality medical scrubs from a reliable brand such as C-GUARD.

Protect personal clothing

Nurses have to take care of patients, and their clothing can easily get contaminated by germs, blood, vomiting and other bodily fluids. Wearing scrubs can help them identify such contaminants so they can get the scrubs washed. No doubt, scrubs can withstand harsh cleaning. Eventually, wearing scrubs help nurses protect their personal clothing. 

High functionality 

This is one of the major reasons and benefits of wearing scrubs because they offer several features. Scrubs have many pockets that let nurses carry gloves, thermometer, pulse oximeter, pens, medical swabs, bandages, scissors, etc. Pockets in scrubs are large and spacious, which are of great help to the nurses. Further, the side slits on the scrub’s top maximize the movements of nurses, such as bending. 

why wear a scrub suit

Not too costly

The best thing is scrubs don’t drain the wallet and are cheaper than regular clothing. So, disposing them off after several washes won’t hurt you at all. Scrubs are inexpensive but make sure you do not buy cheap scrubs that can tear off easily. They are pretty cost-effective, and from this post, you can see that scrubs protect you and offer an array of features. Generally, regular medical scrubs are budget-friendly and last for several months. That said, whether they are dri-fit scrubs, jogger scrubs, or regular scrubs, you can rest assured that they are well-priced.

Final words

Nurses are required to wear scrubs, and many hospitals and healthcare centers mandate the medical dress code. Apart from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel also wear scrubs. 

If you are looking for a scrub for yourself, you can check out our range of anti-bacterial scrubs available in different colors.