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Reasons Why Caregivers Should Wear Scrubs

a doctorm helping patient to strech hands

To be a caregiver is a huge responsibility as you have to take extreme care of the patients. So whether you perform your duty in the health care center, hospital, or at the patient’s home, you need to be in a comfortable dress. Medical uniforms like scrubs are the best attire for the healthcare professional.

Wondering why scrubs for caregivers are a must? Read on to explore.


As you take care of patients, so bacteria can stick to your clothes. The fact is, casual clothes can easily get contaminated, and then the risk of transmission of pathogens will increase. That being said, you and the patients will probably spread bacteria to one another. That is why a scrubs uniform is vital for caregivers.

Wearing a medical dress will help reduce cross-contamination risk. At C-GUARD, we have a range of scrubs that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial and offer maximum protection. So you can count on us if you want to have authentic medical scrubs.

scrubs uniform


You would surely agree that your comfort is a crucial thing because you have to move to and fro to help patients. If you wear daily casual attire, then your movement may get restricted because of tight pants or top.

Not to mention, if you yourself aren’t comfy in your clothes or your movements get restricted, how would you help move the patient? Well, the medical dress comes to your rescue. Scrubs are comfortable and highly functional, and wearing them can optimize your movements, such as moving around and bending.


Hospitals have colour dress codes for caregivers, doctors, and other hospital staff. These codes enable people to identify and distinguish between caregivers and physicians. So, they can easily reach out to the right person in their time of need. In fact, patients, as well as people, take caregivers in professional uniform more seriously.

Now you might be thinking about what color scrubs do caregivers wear. It depends on the hospitals that what dress code policy for caregivers they have. Check with your hospital management before you purchase a scrub suit.

dress code for caregivers


Your clothes may get dirty easily when you take care of patients. Moreover, they can get stained, and some marks do not go away. As a result, you won’t be able to wear those clothes again in general settings. That is why medical dresses are made for caregivers and other healthcare personnel so that they can wear them on their duty.

There is no doubt that scrubs can also get stained, but the fact is, scrubs can be laundered with a tough washing process. They won’t tear off easily, and you will be at peace because scrubs are durable.

Final words

Whether you are a caregiver or nurse, it is important that you wear scrubs when you are on your shifts. Without any doubt, scrubs can give you much protection. You just have to make sure to get quality scrubs.

You might wonder how you can find a caregiver uniform near you. Count on C-GUARD without thinking twice. Our scrubs are of high quality, provide protection, and are highly versatile. Browse our collection and grab your perfect scrub online at an affordable price.

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How to Choose the Scrubs for Your Body Type?

scrub styles for every body shape

Are you a healthcare professional and looking to buy a scrubs suit? The first thing that will surely come to your mind is, ‘how do I choose the right scrub?’ Isn’t it? Well, there is no doubt that scrub suits appear flattering if they fit perfectly. So, picking the scrub suit according to your body type becomes a crucial thing. Let us quickly start off and know how you can get the right scrub for yourself.

Scrubs styles for different body types 

Pear shape: Shoulders of people with this shape are narrower than hips.

Suggestion: Wear a high-length scrub top with light scrub pants. Make sure to avoid tight pants and a tight or oversized top.

Scrub suit for pear body type: Basic ceil scrub suit

Apple shape: People with this body type have a wide torso and narrow hips.

Suggestion: Wear a dark and solid color top, and fitted pants. Avoid tight scrub tops.

Scrub suit for apple body type: Joggers navy blue scrub suit

scrubs for big thighs

Hourglass shape: This type of body has a well-defined waist with a bust and hips of the same size.

Suggestion: Wear straight-leg pants and avoid an oversized scrub top.

Scrub suit for hourglass body type: Basic hunter green scrub suit

Athletic shape: Shoulders and hips of people with this body type are narrow.

Suggestion: People with this body type can wear any basic scrubs with either a dark or light tone.

Scrub suit for athletic body type: Basic lavender scrub suit.

what scrub size should I get

Scrub styles for every body shape

Now let’s move on to answer your question, ‘what scrub size should I get?’ See, by now, we already know there are different body types, so the thing that comes into play is to select the one in which you will look great. If you search online, you will get scrubs of small, medium, and larger sizes. Apart from these, you can also get a scrub suit in standard size. It is your choice if you wish to go with a standard one and get it altered according to your body type. Whatever your wish is, the point is to be comfortable and professional so as to gain the patients’ trust. Also, you will feel comfy if your scrub suit fits you well.

Bonus tips 

  • Best scrubs for a big belly: You can wear dark scrub suits such as basic navy blue.
  • Scrubs that make you look thinner: Dri-fit scrub suit and jogger scrub suit will be the ultimate solution.
  • Scrubs for big thighs: Wide pants will be perfect for you. Go with a basic navy blue scrub suit.
  • Best scrubs for short and curvy women: You can choose jogger scrub with dark colour such as black or navy blue.

Wrapping up

These are some of the useful tips that will help you decide the right scrub for your body type. You may be surprised to know that some people, no matter what their body type is, prefer to wear loose-fitting scrubs, and it is totally their choice. But too loose can hinder the movement and can also make them look unprofessional. So, it is always best to pick the one with the correct size. Happy shopping.

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Scrubs Fashion: How to Look Good in Medical Uniform?

how to wear scrubs fashionably

Scrubs are flattering medical uniforms that look stylish if they fit properly. If you work in the healthcare domain and wear scrubs on a regular basis, then you might be wondering how to wear scrubs fashionably. If yes, then this post will give you some ultimate tips on styling your scrubs.

Let’s quickly get into the zone!

Fit right

You will look good in your medical uniform if it fits you right. Too loose or tight scrubs affect the personality as they do not look professional. Some brands have scrubs in small, medium, and large sizes, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go for.

Similarly, too big scrub does not appear professional. Well, you can count on scrubs that come in standard sizes for men and women. Dri-fit scrubs and jogger scrubs are more trendy uniforms that fit just right. If you are not into buying basic scrub, then jogger scrub can be perfect for you.


Accessories with scrubs? Yeah, you read it right. Whether you are a male or female, you can wear stylish non-slip shoes. This will not only add some chic to your ensemble but will also optimize your movement.

Apart from this, you can add a little flair by wearing a wristwatch but make sure it is water-resistant as you will have to sanitize it regularly. If you are a female health worker, then you can consider wearing small and elegant studs. Adorning yourself with little accessories can instantly accentuate your aesthetics.

how to style scrubs

Count on colors

Fashionable scrubs come in a range of colours, like burgundy, black, graphite, lavender, sky blue, navy blue, etc. At C-GUARD, we have scrubs in a myriad of classic colours, and you can pick the one that looks flattering to you. Some hospitals mandate colour codes and all staff members have to follow them. If your healthcare center or clinic does not have any dress colour code, then you can choose a scrub of any colour.

Usually, doctors wear blue, surgeons wear green, pediatrician wears lavender or pink, and nurses wear sky blue. So, you can even select the colours according to your department but make sure you check your hospital uniform list and see if they have set any colour code. The point is that coloured scrub looks great and they can make you appear smart when compared with plain white scrubs.

Fabric matters

The fabric also plays a vital role because comfort is the priority, and if you wear notably thin fabric, then you would feel cold throughout the day. Choose scrubs made of high-quality fabric that are breathable, durable, moisture-wicking, and anti-wrinkle. Your goal is to look polished and professional. So, if your scrub has faded away or gets wrinkles within a few movements, then consider buying anti-wrinkle scrubs from C-GUARD.

Note: Some people wear scrub pants as regular pants because they are versatile. You can do that, but it is always better to wear a medical uniform only during your shifts.

Final words

The key to styling your scrub suit is to keep it clean, as a fresh-looking scrub has the power to give you a poised appeal. The rest of the things mentioned above come after the clean uniform. These points may appear subtle, but such small additions and alterations can drastically change your persona.

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From White to Coloured: The Evolution of Nursing Uniform

nursing uniforms

The uniforms of nurses emerged in the 1800s, and since then, they have undergone several changes. Basically, nuns were the primary caregiver, and they offered medical treatment to the sick and injured people. They used to wear long grey or blue attire that was in the form of skirts. Also, their outfit included head covering, belts, high collars, full-length sleeves, fitted aprons, and a cross mark on the dress. The aim of the uniform was to offer them protection from contamination. 

History of nursing uniforms

In the 1800s, during Crimean War, Florence Nightingale helped nursing to be recognised as a profession. She opened a training school in 1860, and from there, the evolution of nursing uniform set off.

evolution of nursing uniform

When did nurse uniforms change?

In the 1940s, different medical uniforms were introduced, and they were set according to the different levels of nurses, and the dresses were white. At that time, outfits for nurses had cloaks and short-sleeve. Further, in the 1960s, hospital dresses were changed as males nurses were introduced to the profession. They wore white jackets with high necks. In the 1970s, stripes on the hat were introduced in the medical uniform, and the rest of the dress remained unchanged.

When did nurses start wearing scrubs?

The medical uniforms were white, and this colour was used to represent cleanliness. But white coloured medical outfit put a strain on the eyes in the operating room, and then the complaints were raised regarding eye fatigue. Also, by the 1980s, the hospital dresses had become less formal, and typical features in the medical outfit slowly began to disappear. That was the time colourful dresses came into existence, and nurses began wearing scrubs.

Evolution of nursing uniform

From white to coloured, nursing uniforms have evolved much, and we can clearly understand how it was changed over time. Undoubtedly, old nurse uniforms changed much, but the latest medical dresses have made the healthcare personnel appear more professional. There were different types of nurses uniform, and the clothing has come a long way. But change was needed for a myriad of reasons which are discussed in the below section.

when did nurses start wearing scrubs

Nursing uniforms today

Now nursing uniforms are more comfortable, functional, and versatile. They offer a more refined as well as professional look to the wearers. Medical dresses like scrubs and lab coats have large pockets. Nurses and doctors can carry oximeter, thermometer, gloves, pen, etc., in the large pockets of their medical attire. This prevents the hassles of carrying things at hand or making multiple to and fro for getting these essentials.

Also, there are different colour scrubs today. One can get scrubs in a series of colour such as blue, black, burgundy, green, lavender, etc. 

Final words

Now you know how nursing uniforms changed from time to time. The foundation remained the same, which was to offer comfort and provide protection to the wearer. 

If you are in the medical field and looking to buy fashionable nursing scrubs, feel free to explore our scrubs collection at C-GUARD.