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  • 7 Home-based weight loss ideas
    After analyzing trends and tracking home based weight loss data, we could find a set of satisfying steps that can help you lose your weight in home.
  • Coronavirus testing in India: The full picture
    COVID-19 testing in India recently crossed the 50-crores mark. This was done in just 55 days. This is as per data by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This is a remarkable figure. When the country is still struggling with a high number of cases, this news comes as a relief. 33% of the … Read more

Medical posts

  • Everything You Need To Know About Jogger Scrub
    Jogger scrubs have become the first choice of new age doctors because of their sheer comfort and style. It has gained popularity quickly, and now almost every young doctor searches for the best jogger scrub they can buy and flaunt with.
  • Stepping Up of Scrubs Suits with Fashion in India
    Scrub suits and lab coats are the ways in which health professionals showcase themselves. There is no doubt that scrub suits look professional. Well, these medical uniforms have changed much, and new-age medical personnel demand something new. So, we have added a little style to the medical wear.
  • From Simple to Fashionable – How Medical Scrubs are Evolving?
    Scrubs have been one of the best medical uniforms for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff. No doubt that these basic medical apparel come in a few shades. But as time is changing, medical outfits are also evolving.
  • Revolution in Medical Scrub Suits
    Medical professionals started wearing scrubs in the twentieth century when they realized how clean the environment should be for surgery as well as medical care. Well, there is no doubt that scrubs have been playing a major role in the health domain.
  • Are there Different Types of Medical Scrubs?
    As the healthcare industry is evolving, medical uniforms are also getting revamped. Now health frontline workers have a myriad of options to count on. Apart from lab coats, scrub suits have become a go-to option for doctors, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel. At C-GUARD, we have an array of different types of medical scrubs.

Hospital posts

  • The Best Medical Scrubs for Nurses in India
    Now medical scrubs are getting attention because, according to some studies, patients prefer to listen to the healthcare professionals seriously who are in the medical uniforms. That is why scrub suits have become a key player in the healthcare industry.
  • Style and Comfort: The Revolution of Scrubs
    Medical uniform options for healthcare personnel have been limited for decades. Doctors and nurses were only seen in blue, white, and green scrub suits. But now, medical staff can choose from a myriad of colours and step in style. At C-GUARD, we have launched a series of colours of designer scrubs that are incredible, fashionable, and comfortable.
  • Why Should Hospitals Provide Medical Uniforms To Their Staff?
    Scrub suits, lab coats, and medical gowns are the major uniforms used in the healthcare setting. Hospitals must consider providing these uniforms to the staff because of these reasons.
  • Why Healthcare Professionals Wear Hospital Scrubs?
    You might have seen healthcare professionals in scrubs when they are on their duty. Has this ever crossed your mind that why medical professionals wear scrubs? Well, doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical personnel wear the uniforms in the hospital.
  • Why Do Doctors Wear White Lab Coats?
    An article on NCBI states that 72% of doctors and medical students wear white lab coats, and many of them wear lab coats more than 75% of the time. As white offers a sterile and fresh look, so hospitals opted for this color. Also, the white color appears pure and positive. Therefore, doctors always wear it, and that is why lab coats are white.