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Everything You Need To Know About Jogger Scrub

Smart Drifit Jogger Scrub for women

Jogger scrubs have become the first choice of new-age doctors because of their sheer comfort and style. It has gained popularity quickly, and now almost every young doctor searches for the best jogger scrub they can buy and flaunt with. Well, did you know we at C-GUARD stand apart when it comes to this type of medical scrub? Our medical scrubs collection is ultimate, and it has every feature you wish for. Let’s talk about our exclusive range of jogger scrubs.

French Jogger Scrub

They are skin tight and made from breathable material. Featuring a modern V-neck and trendy design, our French jogger scrub suits are super comfortable.

Drifit Jogger Scrub

Up next is our drifit jogger scrub suit, which features moisture-wicking properties. These scrubs are incredibly comfortable and maximises the performance of the wearer.

Why do medical professionals like C-GUARD Scrubs?

There is a range of reasons that make us the top choice for healthcare personnel, which are:

  • Our scrubs are chic and comfortable
  • Scrub pants feature an elastic belt with a drawstring
  • The scrub top has three pockets, and pants have five pockets
  • They are odourless, stretchable, and wrinkle-free
  • Made from 48% polyester and 52% cotton
  • They are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (protects against germs and bacteria)

Usually, years ago, these medical uniforms were available in a few basic colours. But C-GUARD launched a plethora of amazing hues such as ceil, burgundy, stone, hydrogreen, mauve, lavender, etc.

That means medical staff, students and interns have the option to choose from a wide array of iconic colours.

Now, let us now uncover some of your doubts so that you know what to expect from your jogger scrubs.

Why do some jogger scrubs have V-necks?

Generally, the scrubs with V-neck are the first choice of medical staff because such tops are easy to wear and take off. Jogger scrubs are comfy, and to increase their functionality, some brands create V-neck jogger scrub tops.

Are jogger scrubs comfortable?

Yes, they are pretty comfortable. In fact, jogger scrub pants maximise movement and performance. This type of scrubs is versatile and modern and is highly embraced by medical professionals.

Are jogger scrubs professional?

These scrubs are not only stylish but professional too. Jogger scrubs are specially made for the new age healthcare workers who love to style and wish to stay professional at the same time.

Final words

Now you know that this type of scrub suit is in trend, and health professionals are flaunting in style with their jogger pants. These scrubs fit well, and if the pants are a few inches long, then one can easily hem them accordingly.

You can move ahead for buying the jogger scrub suit of your choice and in your favourite colour. If you have any questions regarding jogger scrubs, feel free to comment below.

Do not forget to browse our fabulous range of drifit jogger scrub collections.

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Stepping Up of Scrubs Suits with Fashion in India

Trendy Basic Scrub for men with pockets

Scrub suits and lab coats are the ways in which health professionals showcase themselves. There is no doubt that scrub suits look professional. Well, these medical uniforms have changed much, and new-age medical personnel demands something new. So, we have added a little style to the medical wear. That being said, we at C-GUARD have worked on our mission to create fashionable scrub suits and make Indian doctors trendier.

Without further ado, let us uncover the elegant, fashionable yet professional medical wear we have in the arsenal for our heroic frontline workers.

C-GUARD’s Scrub Suits for Health Professionals

With the revolution in medical scrubs suits, we have upgraded our scrubs. Thus, we offer the three different types of medical scrub suits, which are:

  1. Basic scrubs
  2. French jogger scrubs
  3. Drifit scrubs

Each of these scrub types is available in a palette of fascinating colours such as ceil, mauve, galaxy blue, coral, and many more.

Basic scrub suits

As the name suggests, these are the most common type of scrubs medical professionals wear. But our scrubs are beyond the simple scrubs. That being said, even our basic scrubs are super professional and stylish. Unbelievable? Check the image below.

French jogger scrub suits

Skin tight, elegant, and fashionable! This type of scrub suit is popular among medical students, interns, and new-age doctors. You might be wondering if skin tight scrubs will hinder your movements. Right? Our French jogger scrubs are made of breathable material and are also flexible. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Drifit scrub suits

These scrubs are composed of drifit, high-performance material. Our drifit scrubs boat with advanced moisture-wicking properties. Perfect for all medical professionals, this type of scrub suit is a must for every nurse and doctor who works day and night tirelessly.

Why Are Our Scrubs The Best?

The major role of medical scrubs is to provide protection against infectious bacteria. For example, surgeons have to perform surgeries, and if they wear their regular clothes in the theatre, then they expose their patients to germs. So they change their clothes and wear our scrubs before they perform any surgery.

Similarly, nurses have to check with multiple patients, and their clothing can attract dirt and bacteria. Therefore, they wear our scrubs as we offer antibacterial medical apparel. Moreover, our scrubs are chic.

That being said, we offer professional, designer scrubs for doctors, nurses, medical students and interns, and other healthcare workers.

Words from C-GUARD

Fashion has knocked on the door of the medical domain. In fact, scrubs are in trend now, and healthcare people should be on the top of the game. They can appear stylish by choosing any of these scrub types and colours right here at C-GUARD. Browse our series of amazing collections. We also offer personalised scrubs. Get in touch with us if you need one.

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The Best Medical Scrubs for Nurses in India

Flexible Drifit Jogger Scrub for women

Now medical scrubs are getting attention because, according to some studies, patients prefer to listen to the healthcare professionals seriously who are in the medical uniforms. That is why scrub suits have become a key player in the healthcare industry.

Well, as you are looking for the top medical scrub at the best price in India, you have stopped at the right place. Here we have listed the best choices for you from C-GUARD, and for sure, you are going to love these scrubs. The best thing about our scrubs is that they are antibacterial and offer maximum comfort as well as protection.

Basic scrub suits for nurses

Those nurses who wish to wear something not too tight or baggy, they can consider these types of scrub suits. These scrubs offer much comfort and make the wearer look professional and elegant. This is the best and easy option, which won’t disappoint you.

French jogger scrub suits for nurses

This one is for the nurses who prefer to have a modern look while staying on their duty. Our French jogger scrubs are fashionable and made from premium breathable material. They are skin-tight and super comfortable. 

Drifit jogger scrub suits for nurses

These scrubs are made from moisture-wicking material and are perfect options for the nurses who are on long shifts and have to move from one room to another multiple times. This type of scrubs absorbs more moisture as compared to the other scrub suits that are made from different materials. Drifit scrubs are for everyone in the health industry as they are professional, trendier, and comfortable.

Tips for choosing a medical scrub

We understand that selecting a scrub suit can be a daunting task. Checking on these few things can lend you a hand in picking the correct one for yourself.

  • Never buy cheap scrubs, as they will tear off easily.
  • Pick the medical scrubs that feature a lot of pockets on top as well as in pants.
  • Too tight or loose scrub suit won’t look professional. So select that fit you right.
  • Ponder on the scrub type and pick the one that matches your expectations.
  • Always count on the medical scrubs made of polyester and cotton as these fabrics are good and offer comfort.

Does scrub color matter?

Different scrub colours have different meanings. If your hospital management has dress codes, you need to follow them. If not, then you are free to pick any colour you like. However, the most common scrub color for nurses is sky blue. But now a days, nurses are flaunting with different colours as well.

Final words

As you have seen that we offer a variety of scrub suits, so you can pick the one in your favourite type. Our scrubs are also available in a myriad of fabulous hues.

At C-GUARD, we also offer customization options at a minimal cost. Therefore, if you wish to get customized scrubs in India, feel free to pick one of our scrubs and select customisation option while placing an order. Contact us if you have any questions.

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From Simple to Fashionable – How Medical Scrubs are Evolving?

Men french jogers scrubs for men with v neck and pockets

Scrubs have been one of the best medical uniforms for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff. No doubt that these basic medical apparel come in a few shades. But as time is changing, medical outfits are also evolving. That being said, the evolution of nursing uniforms is right here, and we at C-GUARD endeavour to go parallel with the advancements in the industry.

We bring together the class and comfort for our heroic healthcare practitioners, and our stellar scrubs collection has everything one needs. From simple basic scrubs to the fashionable scrubs suit, one can get the scrubs that they like. Here’s the range of our exclusive medical wear:

Basic scrubs

This scrub type is one of the most common medical scrubs. These are designed for healthcare workers who like to appear professional. The best thing about our basic scrub suits is that they not only offer a sincere look but they also add elegance to the wearer.

French jogger scrubs

For the medical personnel who are fashionistas or want something chic, these scrub suits are the best choices. This type of medical scrub is skin-tight yet highly comfortable and convenient. They are made from the finest quality breathable material. Those doctors and nurses who wish to appear stylish can count on our French jogger scrubs without thinking twice.

Drifit jogger scrubs

These scrub suits are highly efficient as they are made from advanced moisture-wicking material. The medical staff members who have to move in and out of the theater and have multiple shifts can consider these scrubs. Our drifit jogger scrub suits offer sheer comfort and also maximize performance.

These are the classic collection of different medical scrubs you will find at C-GUARD.

New-age health staff needs more than comfort, and we made sure to meet their demand. Therefore, we made the comfiest and stylish medical scrubs for doctors, nurses, medical interns, and other healthcare professionals.

Features of C-GUARD’s scrub suits

There are a plethora of things that highlight us in the market. Our scrubs are:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial (here’s the proof)
  • Lightweight
  • Odour-free
  • High-quality
  • Have modern V-neck
  • High-waist fit for women
  • Have multiple pockets
  • Reusable and washable

We do not settle here–our scrub suits are further available in an array of striking colours like mauve, stone, burgundy, galaxy blue, to name a few. You get to choose your favourite medical wear from multiple hues only at C-GUARD.

Wrapping up

C-GUARD’s mission is to make heroic Indian doctors appear trendier. So, we have redefined medical wear, gorgeously. Our modern scrubs protect them from germs and bacteria, offer comfort, and make them appear stylish. We make sure to keep up with the evolution of nursing uniforms and give best-in-class scrub suits to the doctors and nurses of India.