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The constant struggle against the raging pandemic: Indian medical perspective

The constant struggle against the raging pandemic: Indian medical perspective

The Indian medical landscape has been through a lot. Nearly all aspects of the medical industry have been tested thoroughly, time and over again. Hardly anyone in any of the medical facilities, establishments, or hospitals all over the country hasn’t got a bone to pick with the virus.

And it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed.

The current paradigm

Supply systems are strained, the workforce is ever-dwindling, and on top of it all, caring for patients is becoming increasingly difficult with the new variants and symbiotic diseases that the deadly coronavirus strain brings with itself.

Doctors, nurses, and health workers across Indian hospitals and wards have effectively resorted to being an overworked, tired, sleep-deprived, and double-masked army of frontline soldiers.

It’s not ideal. Given the current health infrastructure, and not just in India, it’s also nothing out of the ordinary.

Looking to the future

doctors struggling in the covid-19 pandemic

There’s a lot of chatter around the key topic of how do we better equip ourselves in the future? How do we combat another pandemic outbreak when it happens?

However, as common sense would dictate, that’s not the most pressing of issues right now.

Of course, we’re likely going to react faster to another modern pandemic that’s virus-borne and similarly contagious. But anything else and we might find ourselves succumb to the sheer pressure, logistical incapability, and a weak infrastructure.

History sure has a tendency to repeat itself. Shortly after the world recovered from the Spanish Flu in the past – the leaders of the health and pharmeceuticals industries collectively sang praises of the various advancements and innovations that were forced about by the technology of the time.

However, all of that was largely ineffective during the COVID-19 pandemic. In many ways, we started right from the scratch. No preparation, no protocol, no systematic response, and worst of all, no infrastructure to hold an accelerating case count.

Looking to the future, therefore, has to mean something. It cannot be a promise made out of thin air. Governments and international health organizations have to come together and formulate plans for large-scale structural response to any new outbreak.

The lives we lost

According to a report by the Indian Medical Association, India lost over 1,500 doctors to COVID-19. More than half of that during the second wave – the time by which we were supposed to have adapted better.

Undoubtedly, India has lost over 4.2 lakh people to the pandemic (as of July 31, 2021) – but it’s the loss of the country’s doctors that weighs the heaviest.

The failure of the state machinery was cut open. Everyone could see how badly we lacked (and still do) a proper arrangement to support tens of thousands of ailing citizens simultaneously.

We’re truly ill-prepared. It shows. And it makes the lives we lost ever so harrowing to think about. The doctors could’ve been saved, not to mention innumberable patients as well, if only we had better infrastructure, facilities, technology, and capacities.

hospital bed shortages in India

However, it’s important to remember that nothing comes out of recounting the sad past, and recounting it only.

Closing remarks

The pandemic has taken a toll on the trust we had for our medical infrastructure. However, this is not the end. Indeed, we’re growing by leaps and bounds. India leads the world in a series of key metrics in terms of tackling COVID-19.

Overall, we’re on the right track. Let’s keep supporting the health workers, doctors, and nurses fighting on the frontlines.

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Buy the Best Medical Scrub Suits for Doctors – New Arrivals

green color scrub

Looking to buy a scrub suit? Or need medical scrubs for doctors at your hospital? You can count on us. We at C-GUARD have a wide range of scrubs at an affordable rate.

First thing first!

Medical scrub uniforms not only protect against pathogens but also increase patients’ confidence in doctors. That is why physicians must wear scrubs in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.

We understand your concern about the harmful bacteria that can cling to your dress. So keeping that in mind, we have created the best antiviral and antibacterial scrubs for you.

You can buy hospital uniforms online at the best price in India right here on our website. We have just exploded our uniform category with an excellent range of new scrubs, which are:

Basic scrub 

green scrub

Dri-fit scrub suit 

cguard navy scrub

Jogger scrub suit 

cguard black scrub

Further, they are available in an array of colors like the sky, grey, navy, white, burgundy, and black.

We have integrated all the essential factors in our products- protection + comfort + style + affordability

Medical Scrub at Best Price in India

At C-GUARD, you get top-quality, industry-standard scrub suits, which come in your budget.

Made from high-quality fabric, our scrubs are durable and offer a comfy feel. Each of our scrubs is carefully designed and showcases expert craftsmanship.

Our products feature the following:

  • Flexible
  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Multiple-pockets
  • Odor-free
  • Offers modern look
  • Functional
  • Convenient
  • Breathable and advanced moisture-wicking material

The best doctors’ scrubs available in our collection are not only professional but stylish too. These scrubs will enhance your aesthetic and make you appear as a highly qualified physician.

We are a one-stop solution as our scrubs are available for both male and female doctors. In fact, nurses and other healthcare personnel can also wear these scrubs according to the dress code set by their hospital. It is always indispensable to check with your hospital because scrub colors meaning are different.  

Get Your Name on Your Scrub Suit

We also have a name customization option available. You don’t have to pay heftily for it. That said, at a nominal rate, we get your name printed on the scrub you buy from us.

At C-GUARD, our mission is to offer you safety with our top scrubs. The best part is that our scrubs will keep you dry and cool throughout the day.

With our range of scrub suits for doctors online that are reasonably priced, we make sure you accomplish your mission to help people without burning a hole in your pocket. Not only this, our exceptional products also ensure to improve your life.

Feel free to browse our collection of medical scrubs for doctors and surgeons in India.

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What Should You Look for When Buying a Scrub Suit?

doctors reviewing x-ray

Are you buying a scrub suit for the first time? Well, there’s a myriad of things you need to look for when purchasing medical scrubs. So, if you are thinking about how to buy scrubs, then keep reading this post.

But before you set off, make sure you do not go for cheap and low-cost scrub suits. The price tag is indeed a concern, but you must select the scrub suit that can fit you right, keep you dry as well as cool throughout the day, and is not very expensive.            

Here’s the rundown of the top tips for buying medical scrubs-

Fabric quality

You have to wear a scrub all day long, so it is vital to choose the one with premium quality fabric. Always remember that scrub made with low-quality material will fall apart in a few washes.

It is always the best to buy antibacterial, antimicrobial, and stain-resistant scrub, as such scrub protects from germs and pathogens. From 100% cotton, polyester + cotton mix to dri-fit, you can choose the scrub according to your preferences. 


Basic scrubsdri-fit scrub, and jogger scrub are some of the trendy scrub suits for medical workers. You can opt for the one that can complement your unique personality.

Also, scrub comes with a round neck, mock wrap, and V-neck. Just make sure you pick the top that is not too low cut and revealing.


Pockets are vital in the medical scrub as these are the storage spaces where you can keep cell phone, pen, gloves, pressure meters, etc. Look for the scrub that has patch pockets on the waistline.

If you have more items to put in the pocket, then you can go for scrub pants with pockets.

doctor with patient

Scrub color

Scrubs come in an array of colors like burgundy, lavender, navy blue, green, grey, and black. You can get your favorite color scrub suit and flaunt with it. However, you must check if your hospital has any uniform code mandates. As there are different scrub colors meaning, so you have to make sure you choose the right color for yourself.

Side slits

Side slits are other key things you need to check in the scrub suit. These small slits in the bottom of the sides of the scrub top help optimize movement. Also, look for the longer tops with side slits so as your waist does not get exposed. If you don’t get long scrub tops, go for the high-waisted pants.

Final words

These were some of the imperative things you need to look for when buying scrub suits. It is advisable you buy your uniform from authentic brands like C-GUARD, which sell high-quality and antibacterial scrub suits at affordable rates.

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Where Can I Get My Lab Coat Customized With Name?

lady doctor with a patient

Do you want to get a customized lab coat but are not sure where and how you can personalize it? Do not worry. We will help you out. At C-GUARD, we offer top-quality, personalized lab coats for doctors, medical students, and other healthcare personnel.

There is no doubt that having your name on your lab coat will provide your staff or patient, a clear way to address you. And that is why health professionals are counting on getting their names printed on their lab coats.

Well, we, at C-GUARD, will help you achieve that professional and sincere look you wish to have.

We offer personalization on both half-sleeved and full-sleeved lab coats. So, choose the one according to your preference and walk through the below-mentioned steps to get your name printed on your new lab coat.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Get Tailored Lab Coat

  1. Choose the size from the provided options- M, L, XL, 2XL
  2. Enter the number of lab coats you need to purchase.
  3. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  4. A sidebar will pop in with the three options – Continue Shopping, View Cart, Checkout
  5. Click on ‘Checkout.’
  6. You will be directed to the checkout page.
  7. On the billing details form, you will see the checkbox to get the customization option.
  8. Click on the checkbox before ‘Want your name the scrub or lab coat?’ if you wish to get a personalized lab coat.
  9. Enter other details as requested.
  10. Lastly, click on the ‘Place order’ button.
get customized white lab coat

Things you need to know to get your name printed on the lab coat-

  1. Cash on delivery is not available for the customization orders. You will have to choose a prepaid online method and pay securely by UPI, Net Banking, Credit Card, or Debit Card via Razorpay.
  2. There’s a minimal fee for customization orders which will appear on the right side in the ‘Your order’ section once you tick the checkbox.
  3. It will take 3 extra days to get the customized lab coat delivered.

Why Choose Us?

We, at C-GUARD, are one of the best lab coat brands in Ahmedabad. We endeavor to offer you premium custom lab coats with a name so that you can show off your unique style.

You can rest assured of the fabric quality of the lab coat. At C-Guard, we use excellent quality fabric to make durable lab coats. Also, you get your lab coats embroidered from us at a very affordable rate.

Are you ready to flaunt your personalized lab coat?

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Improving the Indian doctor’s life

Improving the Indian doctor's life

More businesses should come together for doctors

Doctors and medical professionals in general need more help. They need a better life and more convenience tools. All electronics and gadgetry for medical purposes is designed around easing the work in a hospital setting, but what about those who go the distance alone?

Brands should focus on making the life of solo doctors better. For example, Appliance Doctor Inc is a store focused on specialized high-end doctor appliances. However, the customer journey through their website is a legit nightmare, to say the least. More people should be doing thing, honestly, so there’s a fair bit of competition and doctors are able to benefit from a variety of choices, more competitive pricing, and a more personalized feel.

Another recent milestone on this front is us – C-Guard, a company that sells antiviral scrubs in various colors, patterns, and fabrics and unlike the previous example, our user experience and price competitiveness are really great.

However, until we have a much greater number of big players and brands in doctor-related products and services, we’re far from realizing a better life for the Indian doctor.

A large number of doctors is still getting their important stuff including garments, accessories, equipment, and devices from all-in-one ecommerce stores such as Amazon. This is a huge issue, and not just in India.

Do not look up the symptoms online a lot

A little bit of information from online sources is good. But a lot of research makes a patient feel like they’re an expert. A doctor’s education seems insufficient to them, at least in terms of their symptoms.

Not only does this slow down the entire process, it’s very frustrating and time-consuming to listen to theories that are half-baked and ill-informed.

The nature of online articles to lead every little symptom directly towards cancer doesn’t help either. Without a professional look there’s nothing much to do, really, and people should understand that.

Don’t panic or claim to have transformed into something of an expert online.


An assistant helps a doctor manage all the files and organize their day affectively. This should become a full-time job that people respectfully choose. The more amount of time that a doctor is able to save, the better the treatment and care of their patients.

It’s a truth that amid all the paperwork, to and fro, and the various managerial things to take care of, even a high number of nurses fail to adequately support a lead doctor.

This is a huge problem in modern hospitals and medical institutions.

Having an assistant who can systematically arrange files, place all reports prior to the visit, keep a track of all consultations and meetings, verify treatments before sending patients in, etc. is going to be infinitely helpful for any doctor anywhere in the world.

Otherwise, all the work can be a cause of fatigue.

More job portals should list medical assistance or doctor assistant as job descriptions. A medical assistant is very different from a personal assistant or an assistant to someone in another industry.

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What Do the Different Scrub Colors Mean?

dentists performing surgery

Are you wondering why there are different medical scrubs? Or you are in a dilemma and thinking, ‘what color scrubs should I wear?’

Scrub colors’ significance is different, and it helps others distinguish between the personnel of various departments. Well, from a 2014 study, it was noted that physician attire played a vital role in inspiring confidence in patients. So, it would be great if hospitals follow the practice of using medical scrubs. As there are different meanings of scrub colors, uniforms should be set accordingly.

Some hospitals, especially the larger ones, color-code their staff. On the other hand, a few hospitals let their staff choose the scrub color themselves.

Whatever your case is, let us uncover the hospital scrub colors meaning for you!

Blue Scrub

It is a pretty common scrub, which doctors and nurses use. This calming color symbolizes relaxation, serenity, and stability. Wearing a sky blue scrub will build the trust of patients in you, and you will appear to them as a dependable caretaker. This hue appears soothing, and on a patient level, it can also help lower blood pressure and anxiety. Doctors also use navy blue scrub as blood does not appear much on it.

Green Scrub

The green color represents tranquility, well-being, and healing. Also, green scrub appears fresh and vibrant as well, and wearing them can give a healthy boost to your patients. This color may lower the blood pressure of patients when they look at you. The best part is green hue doesn’t cause any eyestrain, so surgeons prefer to wear it when they have to perform surgery.

green color scrub

Red Scrub

This scrub is uncommon as the red color usually offers an alarming effect. This color may remind your patients of blood. So, who wears red scrubs is the thoughtful question. You can count on red color scrub if you are taking part in an awareness campaign to educate people on how they can take care of their health.

White Scrub

Surgeons, nurses, and physicians wear a white lab coat and scrub as it showcases cleanliness and sterility. The problem with the white uniform is that it is hard to wash out bloodstains from it. Despite this, many healthcare professionals still prefer to use white scrubs.

grey and white scrub

Black Scrub

Black color is classic as always, and it imparts smart, professional, and a more refined appeal to the wearer. Some healthcare personnel like to wear it, whereas others don’t. Well, black scrub is in trend among medical students.

Purple Scrub

Purple color is often associated with children. So, purple or lavender scrub is the best for the nurses working in the children’s ward. That is why color-coordinating is a great way to distinguish pediatricians and surgical doctors from medical assistants, nurses, and other medical personnel.

Final words

As you now know, the different scrub colors meaning, you will be able to choose the right scrub color for yourself. You can even pick the color based on your personality and what you are comfortable with. However, if your hospital has a dress code for different departments, make sure you follow it.

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What is the Purpose of Wearing a Scrub Suit?

Scrubs are designed to keep any medical setting safe. They also provide a cleaner environment to work in. Wearing outside or household clothing while in a hospital is not only unprofessional but also a way for pathogens to be introduced in an otherwise clean environment.

While on duty, medical workers and doctors across industries and states use scrubs. This keeps everything, including their fellow co-workers, patients, and visitors, 100% safe from pathogens and other transmissible agents.

Nurses are also required to wear scrubs.

What is the purpose of wearing a scrub suit

Why are scrubs used in hospitals?

Hospital personnel wears scrubs while on duty. They change to and from their normal clothes after and before their shift, respectively.

Patients usually need a lot of healing for a speedy recovery. If the nurses and doctors don’t wear scrubs, they will be introducing harmful substances and elements into a clean, safe environment.

A clean and safe environment is important for healing and recovery.

Nurses visit their patients frequently. And if this involvement is complemented by the introduction of foreign elements including but not limited to pathogens and bacteria, then all hell will break loose, so to speak.

Therefore, by wearing scrub suits, nurses and medical workers are actually helping their patients recover better and faster. How? By preventing the patients from getting exposed to harmful substances and pathogens that can negatively impact their healing process.

The healthcare facility in question is also becoming more sterile if all workers and nurses wear scrubs without fail.

Protection for the doctors

The other important benefit of wearing scrubs is protection for the doctors. Doctors remain better protected against pathogens, bacteria, and viruses from the patients.

Apart from keeping the establishment safe, sterile, and clean of microbial infections – scrubs keep the doctors safe themselves.

They work as a barrier of sorts between the doctor and the contaminants circulating around in a typical medical establishment. These contaminants can be anything ranging from pathogens to harmful bacteria and diseases to deadly viruses – that can affect the health of the doctors and nurses who come in contact with the patients regularly.

What is the purpose of wearing a scrub suit

In conclusion

Scrub suits are hygienic and help keep a medical establishment sterile. Contagious elements, microbes, and contaminants are pretty common in hospitals and medical facilities. A scrub is often the first line of physical protection.

And as well all know, prevention is better than the cure.

Scrubs, therefore, do a very holistic duty and serve a praiseworthy role in any hospital or health-related facility.