Redefining medical wear – for India’s doctors and medical workers

C-GUARD® is India’s first medical apparel brand for doctors & medical workers. Providing high quality functional & antibacterial medical apparels.

C-GUARD® designs and manufactures high-quality, industry-standard scrub suits, hospital uniforms, and medical linens along with medical-grade lifestyle products.

The Basic Scrub

Our basic scrub suits come in various colors to bring out the best in you. They provide the necessary protection as well as the comfort. We’ve perfected our scrub suits to be the best on the market. Scrub suits available in sky and navy blues, burgundy, hunter green, lavender, and graphite.

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French Jogger Scrubs

Jogger scrubs are skin tight. Made of extremely comfortable, flexible, and breathable material, they give you a modern look. The doctors of the new age need more than just the basic scrubs, and our joggers fit the bill perfectly! Joggers are available in navy, black, and graphite.

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Drifit Jogger Scrubs

Drifit scrubs are made out of advanced moisture-wicking material that absorbs more moisture than other materials (for example, the V-shaped next in all of our scrubs is inherently moisture wicking, but the dri-fits are even more efficient in that). Say goodbye to sweat, maximize your performance! Available in navy, black, and graphite.

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The Lab Coats

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Our products specialize in safety. All of our products:

  • Provide 99% effective protection against all types of bacteria.
  • Are odor-free .
  • Are reusable and washable.

These three qualities set us apart. We’re a brand focused on providing the best experience, comfort, and safety to doctors, medical practitioners, and frontline health workers.

We believe in customer satisfaction. That’s why we provide:

  • Heavy discounts, especially on bulk orders.
  • Pan-India delivery.
  • No shipping charges on prepaid orders.

We operate out of Gujarat, but service customers all over India. Our ethics and ideologies are aimed towards customer satisfaction. The highly positive nature of our reviews suggests that we’ve been succeeding so far. That doesn’t mean we’re not perfecting our sales, production qualities, quality control, and ease of ordering features.

The C-GUARD® online shop is loaded with multiple patterns and colors of scrubs. For example, we have basic scrub suits in sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, hunter green, graphite, and lavender. We have jogger scrubs in navy, black, and graphite. We have moisture wicking dri-fit scrubs in navy, graphite, and black. Apart from that, we also have half-sleeve and full-sleeve medical lab coats in white.

More patterns and colors launching soon!

We allow you to get your name or brand name printed on the products you order from us. We have heavy discounts and affiliate marketing all with customer satisfaction in mind.

We have been dealing in scrub suits for a while now. As a result, all production, testing, delivery, packaging, and feedback operations of C-GUARD® are highly optimized to ensure the best customer satisfaction when they buy hospital uniforms or scrub suits from us.

We hope to see you have a great experience with us!

Tip: We incentivize reviews as well!